This cleaning method requires even more specialised equipment to achieve a high quality clean in an array of settings.

How it works:

  • Sponge is fired at the surface, flattening on impact.
  • When this occurs is exposes the cleaning agent locked in the sponge.
  • The impact with the surface lets the agent cut through the coating.
  • When the sponge rebounds it creates a vacuum, trapping the waste removed from the surface.
  • The sponge media is collected and goes through a recycler, removing the waste.
  • It is then ready for re-use.

This advanced cleaning technique offers a wide array of benefits including:

  • Very low emissions because all waste is captured in the sponge.
  • It can be used in a wide array of settings, particularly sensitive and confined areas.
  • The ability to clean close to people working, machinery and stock.
  • High quality surface preparation and maintenance savings.
  • Simple staging with less material handling, easy containment and reduced needs ventilation.
  • Very little cleanup.

Eco Sponge cleaning is very highly regarded for its cleanliness, the very low amount of dust it causes, and the reusability of the sponges. The technique is efficient, worker friendly and is also very gentle on the environment.

The technique can be used for both delicate and aggressive cleaning requirements. It is flexible and can handle all kinds of surface preparation jobs. If you are worried about the amount of media you will use it is a good option because an incredible 95% of the sponge will be reused.

This fantastic cleaning method is useful in a wide array of industries, including aviation and aerospace, nuclear, power generation and marine. It can be employed in a variety of settings including externally and even offshore.

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