We know the damage caused by fire can be devastating both practically, emotionally and financially and that it is hard to know where to start in the clean up process.​

Our professional technicians pride themselves on responding rapidly to ensure a focussed and time efficient clean-up. This is because we know how imperative it is to clean up after a fire before secondary damage occurs. Examples of secondary damage are staining, embedded odour, mould and structural instability of buildings. Responding promptly limits this damage and reduces financial loss.

Our knowledge and expertise in using a range of different media means we limit the requirement for you to call in a number of different cleaning services. Primarily we would use Soda for the fire damage due to its cleaning ability and the fact it neutralises soot and char odour. Dry Ice would be used to clean mould, because it removes both the surface mould and damage as well as killing the spores, preventing any regrowth.

​If you are dealing with fire damage and subsequent water damage in your property then Mobile Media Blasting is your best option. We work both for private customers and for sub-contracting companies who project manage Fire Damage Restoration projects.