Mobile Media Blasting appreciate that timber is a beautiful and traditional material for households and commercial properties, whether furniture or part of the construction. However, wood is vulnerable to damage from bugs, damp and fungi which can dramatically shorted its life span and destroy its appearance.

We advise treating your wood to extend its life. Mobile Media Blasting use Lignum products with a formulation that is a non-flammable, quick drying product containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It has virtually no odour.

We offer four treatment solutions for your woodwork;

Woodworm Treatment – for wood boring insects


The larvae of wood boring insects break through the base of the egg and bore their way into the timber causing the damage. An egg can take up to 10 years to become a fully grown larva (depending on the type of beetle) after which they turn into Pupa then emerge as a grown beetle.

There are three main wood boring insects, in the UK, the Common Furniture Beetle, the Longhorn Beetle and the Death Watch Beetle. Mobile Media Blasting can diagnose the type of infestation, with out this the woodworm prevention carried out may not be sufficient to treat / eradicate the infestation.

Dry Rot Treatment – for both wet and dry rot

Many wood rots such as surface moulds don’t effect the structural integrity of timber. They also appear in other areas such as on plaster and around windows. Although the presence of these rots are primarily visual if left untreated it can become a far more serious and damaging form of rot.

Dual Purpose Wood Treatments – to treat wood boring insects and Fungi

Insects, primarily wood boring like damp and this damp promotes fungi, bacterial decay and mould. This decay weakens the timber enabling the infestation to take hold in more resistant heartwood. This often leads to immense damage, weakening the wood and reducing the structural integrity.


Wood Preservatives – to protect sheds, fencing and decking


Industrial wood preservative, whether applied by pressure or dipping processes are used to increase and maintain the durability of the material against weather, fungi and insect infestation. This treatment is ideal for all wooden constructions.