Power Washing is one of the least intrusive options when you opt for abrasive cleaning. The technique utilises pressurised water to tackle the clean, firing a stream or spray of it at a surface to strip away dirt, contaminants and other unwanted markings. The solution is really great when surfaces that have been exposed to the weather and oil need to be cleaned. It can also remove mould and mildew too.

There are four crucial elements involved in effective power washing. To allow a first rate clean it is important to get the combination of pressure, flow rate, cleaning solution, and temperature correct.

Power washing is highly effective at cleaning wooden decking, paths, patios and driveways too. It can completely change the look of the surface, making the materials look fresh and newly laid. The technique is favoured because it can clean the surface to a high standard without damaging the substrate.

If additional cleaning power is needed the pressure and heat can be increased. This can help to tackle tougher jobs. On top of media, cleaning agents can be introduced to efficiently get rid of the grime and dirt that can build up on surfaces.

You can utilise power washing to remove:

  • Graffiti and paint
  • Grease and oil
  • Dirt and grime
  • Mould and mildew

A third option is chemical stripping and cleaning. This service is offered when cleaning with the above method will not provide the desired results. Using chemicals requires more skill and experience to ensure jobs are completed as safely as possible. Luckily our team are competent and can provide the perfect solution for you.

When you choose Mobile Sand Blasting and Restoration you can expect a first rate service from our highly trained team. They will choose the perfect combination of the elements mentioned above to clean materials effectively.