Baking soda was used as a cleaning abrasive during the renovation of the Statue of Liberty between 1984 and 1986. It was chosen because it would clean the interior surface quickly without damaging the metal structure. The media was utilised with sand blasting equipment and the project was completed effectively.

Since then the technique has been used very widely and there have been big advances in both the equipment and the media itself, resulting in specially formulated baking soda specifically for abrasive blast cleaning.

There are several features of baking soda that make it a useful media, including:

  • The particles have the sharpness to cut through layers of paint
  • It is friable so it will fracture on impact to soften the blow
  • It has an environmentally friendly pH
  • It is water soluble
  • It doesn’t generate heat so metal will not warp when it is cleaned
  • Does not cause flash rusting
  • Safe for use on an array of materials including glass and chrome

The number of applications for soda blasting is expanding all of the time because of the array of beneficial features it offers. The media is very good when delicate yet tough cleaning is required. Just a few examples of how this method can be employed include: ​

  • Cleaning food production plants
  • Tackling mould problems
  • Graffiti removal
  • Cleaning aeroplane, automobile and parts for machinery
  • Paint removal​

At Mobile Media Blasting we provide this fantastic cleaning service alongside all of our others. We are experienced at it and work very hard to provide the very best finish whatever material we are working with.

If you would like further information you can contact us for details. We are happy to offer advice and explain how the process works and the benefits.